Profiles and life stories about famous people

Profiles and life stories about famous people

tumblr_static_ancrztqluswsog4gkooc0444wAs Abba used to say, you probably work all night and work all day, to pay the bills you have to pay. Occasionally you stop thinking and take a glance on how it would be if you had a little money, belonged to the rich men’s world and spend your everyday’s life as a celebrity. The glamorous world attracts us out of pure curiosity. These people living under the spotlight are kind of even expected to give us some intriguing, spicy details of their lives from time to time in order to stay popular. Exotic as it is, their lifestyle amuses, entertains and influences people worldwide. Some latent voyeur in many of us yearns to see what clothes they wear, what drinks and food they consume, where and how they spend their vacations, how their love affairs look like and many other aspects of famous people’s lives.

iStock_000009040043_thumbInterested in spring / summer collection supermodels promote this year? Intrigued by new Victoria’s secret designs? How does the inside of your favorite actors’ houses look like? Where did particular musician spend his or her holiday? Who’s hooked up with whom? Any new affairs or arguing among famous people going on these days? How do they stay fit, look so young and attractive in their mid-fifties?

red-carpetIf you find out some of these things, could you apply it ever in your private life? Even if you don’t have those kinds of ambitions, you might just want to sit back, relax and take a peek into exotic scenes of some distant ways of living. This blog follows all latest updates in the world of famous people, bringing it closer to common people. Detailed reports spanning from the red carpet to insight to their private lives are exposed and one click away.

poets-collage-complete-600On the other hand, it’s kind of funny that “famous” usually associates us to Hollywood faces. Not all famous names go together with controversial lifestyle, glamour and affairs. Interested in influential people in science or literature? Want to know more about people famous in culture or artistic aspects of society? Politicians are rarely interested sight, but you might want to be interested in what new and important they got to say. Want to explore and study biographies of famous people during a different period in history? Their life stories can be as interesting as any Hollywood biography, just in a slightly different way. Other parts of this blog are dedicated to these people. If you take a journey down these pages you will come across thousands of significant names in the various field of interest. We collected a wide range of stories including facts from biographies, trivia, anecdotes, spicy details, rumors and stories about their reputation and influences.


download (1)We present treasury here containing profiles and life stories about big names. It’s up to you to choose your field of interest, dive into it and get to know these people closer or to stay updated about various events involving famous people. Whether you’d like to sneak into Angelina Jolie’s privacy or learn more about Tesla’s life, work and personality, take your time and wander through these pages.

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